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Online Casino Banned

Gambling is one of the most thrilling games in world. It can make you instant rich or can even make you broke like a joke. Whatever be its effect but it is surely an addictive game. Online gambling was considered as a billion dollar industry in United States until when the dreadful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was applied in 2006 prohibiting online gambling websites from accepting any kind of credit cards, checks or even bank instruments for players who use these as payment method for online gambling.

According to a survey more than 80 percent of visitors to online gambling websites came from US which was not only boosting US economy but was helping these online gambling sites grow in leaps and bounds. But the unfortunate Internet Gambling Enforcement Act put a temporary ban on almost very action that included the use of money in these games.

But this should not discourage online gambling players from US because gambling sites have come up with various tricks and measures to avoid this law. Many online gambling sites have moved offshore and have started games like American Players Blackjack and American Players Roulette which has allowed US players to play the game using online payment processors based in other country. Though the players may not be able to play using their own bank account based in US but they can surely use offshore bank accounts to play such games.

Now games like American Players Blackjack and others are being played by majority of players from US who have good knowledge about the Blackjack History and rules regarding the game. These new games are modeled perfectly to suit US players and even are considered much more tempting than traditional blackjack games.

You can still find tons of All Americans Casino that allows you to be on their games. All USA Players are accepted in these sites and can even bet on online games. The All States Virtual Poker and other games like Virtual roulette, blackjack are still available to be played online and with slight research you can find tons of online casino that allows you to play your games.